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Saber X

Zeitgeist - Revan's Sith Lightsaber

Zeitgeist - Revan's Sith Lightsaber

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Saber X Zeitgeist - Revan's Sith Lightsaber

Known from iconic games such as "Knights of the Old Republic", (created by Lucasarts and now owned by Disney), Darth Revan's crimson blade is well known as a duo of lightsabers with his classic Violet Bladed saber: Revan's Lightsaber. Created when Revan was a Sith master, some time during the Mandalorian Wars, this saber was embued with a synthetic Kyber Crystal revealing its eerie red glow. 


Baselit RGB:

  • 8 custom sound fonts
  • Blaster effects
  • Blade lock-up
  • RGBX Color changing function
  • Flash on clash
  • Sensitive motion swing
  • 9w LED


  • Pixel blade effects
  • Sensitive motion swing
  • 16 custom sound fonts
  • Blaster effects (blaster specific font also)
  • Blade lock-up
  • Flash on clash (multiple contact points)
  • Smooth swing
  • 12w LED's through blade
  • SD card included for customization
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