About Us

Saber X is a global business based out of Montreal Canada and was created by a Star Wars fan who enjoyed the fantasy for a long time. After spending many years as part of the fandom, I wanted that fantasy to be a reality, I wanted my very own lightsaber. I had searched for years to find a saber the had the authenticity I wanted, but that could also fit my budget! After being frustrated time and again I decided to go straight to the source and work with the manufacturer to come up with solution. I realized others may be in the same situation and got to work seeing how I could share this with the many fans just like me.

As a collector of sabers I had always found pricing is the main obstacle to collecting quality hilts. We were able to work with high quality manufacturers at more affordable rates and thus offer unbeatable designs, quality and experience to the fans like me at better prices. We also improve upon the delivery experience by keeping Canadian stock and offering quick and free shipping.

Our saber family has continued to grow and we are so excited to bring incredible people onto our team. We work hard to make sure that your whole experience is nothing but stellar. I hope that you love our sabers and have a great experience shopping with us! We are always open to feedback and improvement and are constantly looking to expand what we can offer for an always competitive price.

Love, Saber X

The Saber X team gathered together for a memorable group photo