Sentinel Saber

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Blade Length: 92cm (recommended)
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Embark on a journey through time with The Sentinel Saber, a hallowed artifact once brandished by the venerable Master Yoda himself. This exquisite lightsaber resonates with the wisdom of the ages and the power of the Force. Its diminutive and unassuming hilt mirrors the stature of its legendary owner, yet conceals an incomparable might.

Crafted from the rarest materials in the galaxy, the hilt's green hue reflects the verdant world of Yoda's exile and his deep connection to the living Force. A simple, yet elegantly designed weapon, it feels almost weightless in the hand, but is as durable as the ancient wisdom it represents.

With a flick of the wrist, the saber ignites to reveal a vibrant green blade that slices through darkness with purpose and precision. It is a tool of defense, a symbol of wisdom, and a guide for those who walk the path of the Jedi.

The Sentinel Saber does not merely serve as a reminder of Yoda's teachings; it is an invitation to continue his legacy of light and truth. It stands as a challenge to those who wield it to rise to the greatness of the Jedi Order's most enlightened master.

Hilt Length: 16.8cm
Blade Length/ Width: 92cm/2.25cm
Blade Material: Polycarbonate
Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy
2-3 Watts/4-8ohm speaker battery
4-8 hours for full charge

What's Included?
Saber Hilt
Base Lit Blade or Xenopixel, or Proffie
1 Saber Charger
1 User Manual
1 Hex Key and Screws

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