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Calling all Star Wars Fans! Best Black Friday Deals 2023

23 Oct 2023
Calling all Star Wars Fans! Best Black Friday Deals 2023

Are you ready to dive into the Star Wars universe and embrace the power of the Force like never before this Black Friday / Cyber Monday? Skip getting another action figure (sorry Black Series!) and get yourself a replica lightsaber from SaberX!  

We are SaberX - not Hasbro - so there are no toys here! We have the best Star Wars lightsabers at an affordable price - display it as a collectible or add it to your cosplay costume. With lights and sounds as close to the real thing as possible (so far!),   

(Not a fan? Our super realistic sabers are the perfect gift that is definitely on your favourite collector's wish list.)

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SaberX is here to make your dreams come true! We've assembled a stellar lineup of lightsabers that are sure to ignite your passion for the galaxy far, far away. Whether you're new to lightsabers or a seasoned Jedi, our collection has something for everyone. Join us as we explore our saber collections, designed to make your Star Wars fantasies a reality.

a proxima lightsaber, one of the Black Friday Star Wars deals for 2023

1. The Proxima Saber - A Perfect Balance of Power and Precision

The Proxima Saber is ideal for one or two-handed use, featuring a longer hilt for better balance and control. The Proxima offers excellent responsiveness and precision, making it ideal for both novice and experienced users.

Are you ready to take your lightsaber skills to the next level? The Proxima Saber is here to help you master the art of lightsaber combat. This sleek and balanced hilt allows for precise control and powerful strikes, making it the perfect choice for those who crave a dynamic and responsive lightsaber experience.

Remember when Darth Vader fought Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back? Bring that kind of action-packed fight choreography to your next lightsaber duel with The Proxima Saber. 

The Proxima Saber is the real deal, leaving all other weapons in its class in the dust. Packed with some seriously impressive tech, it brings the heat in battles and delivers unrivaled power. Its accuracy is top-notch, ensuring you hit your mark every time, whether you're up close and personal or taking shots from afar. Plus, the handle is all about comfort and ease of control.

But here's where it gets even cooler – the Saber is fully loaded with customizable features. You can tinker with settings and switch out parts to make it your very own. If you're a true warrior at heart, the Proxima Saber is the weapon you've been waiting for. It's the perfect blend of power and precision, designed to match your style and skills. So, gear up and get ready to conquer with the Proxima Saber!

the eterna crystal lightsaber, one of the black friday deals for star wars fans in 2023

2. Eterna Crystal Lightsaber - Embrace the Force's Radiance

Embody the Force with the Eterna Crystal Lightsaber! Kyber crystals light up the glowing chamber, and you'll be able to see the light of the Force. Take your power to the next level and make a statement with this remarkable saber!

The Eterna Crystal Lightsaber is not just a weapon; it's a work of art. Kyber crystals within the saber's hilt light up the chamber, allowing you to see the vibrant hues of the Force. Make a bold statement with this remarkable lightsaber and let the galaxy know that you're a true Force enthusiast.

the R2 lightsaber from Saber X featured this black friday and cyber monday star wars

Saber X R2 Saber - The Droid of Lightsabers

The Saber X R2 Saber is a marvel of design and maneuverability, striking the perfect balance between form and function. Its sleek and well-balanced hilt fits comfortably in your grip, making it a joy to wield in battles across the stars. With every swing, you'll feel the power of a true space warrior coursing through you.

But there's more to the Saber X R2 Saber than meets the eye – just like R2-D2, it always has a trick up its sleeve. "Always hiding something in its motivator drive," this lightsaber holds secrets and surprises, ready to aid you in your journey as a cosmic hero.

Prepare to be amazed by the Saber X R2 Saber's incredible versatility and adaptability. Its finely-tuned mechanics allow you to execute precise strikes with ease, making you a force to be reckoned with in any intergalactic confrontation.

Like a trusty droid companion, this lightsaber will come to save the day for you too! Whether you're facing the dark forces of the Sith or engaging in thrilling space duels, the Saber X R2 Saber will be by your side, defending and empowering you at every turn.

How to Choose Which Lightsaber to Buy This Black Friday  

Choosing the perfect lightsaber is a thrilling journey, whether you're a seasoned Jedi or a fresh Padawan. In this guide, we'll help you navigate the world of lightsabers and understand the differences between Baselit, Xenopixel, and Proffie technologies.

Factors to Consider:

1. Purpose: Determine if your lightsaber is for cosplay, display, or dueling. Consider design, authenticity, durability, and functionality.

2. Budget: Define your budget. Entry-level sabers are great for beginners, while high-end models offer advanced features and craftsmanship.

3. Features: Evaluate sound effects, blade illumination, and special effects like Fire and Rainbow blades.

4. Blade Material: Choose between Baselit for durability and affordability, and Xenopixel/Proffie for advanced lighting effects.


Baselit lightsabers serve as an entry-level option, appreciated for their affordability and straightforward design. They excel in dueling, featuring smooth-swing, flash-on-clash, and the ability to select from multiple blade colors. These sabers are a cost-effective choice, making them an excellent option for beginners, but they do come with limitations when compared to Xenopixel and Proffie models.


Xenopixel lightsabers occupy a middle ground, offering advanced lighting effects that outshine Baselit models. With brighter illumination and the ability to display full-spectrum RGB colors, they bring a captivating visual experience. However, they are not as customizable as Proffie, and there may be a slight learning curve associated with their operation.


Proffie lightsabers represent the pinnacle of customization and technological advancement. They are equipped with advanced sound and motion features, and they provide the highest level of customization. However, this level of quality and customization comes at a higher price point and requires a certain degree of technical knowledge for full personalization.

Consider your experience level, budget, desired features, and intended use when selecting your lightsaber. Your lightsaber journey should be a personal one, so choose the one that resonates with you and adds a touch of the Force to your adventure.

Shop With Us This Black Friday: Lightsabers based on Lego Star Wars, the Skywalker Saga, and More

This Black Friday, ignite your passion for the Force and explore the galaxy far, far away with Saber X! Don't miss out on the opportunity to witness the remarkable collection of lightsabers that we have to offer. Whether you're a devoted Star Wars fan, a collector, or a lightsaber enthusiast, we have the perfect saber waiting for you.

Join us at Saber X this Black Friday to discover our wide range of Baselit, Xenopixel, and Proffie lightsabers, each designed to transport you to a world of adventure and excitement. From budget-friendly options to fully customizable, high-end models, our lightsabers cater to every level of expertise.

Experience the thrill of a lightsaber duel, bring your cosplay dreams to life, or simply bask in the glow of these iconic weapons. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your love for Star Wars to the next level.

May the Force be with you this Black Friday. Check out all our lightsabers at Saber X and let the adventure begin!

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