Proffie Technology

The absolute best saber in the galaxy. Reccomended for a true saber master.

With over 250 LEDs throughout the blade of the saber, the Proffie Neopixel saber is fully customizable! Infinite, rich colors, over 15+ different sound fonts, 5 Different ignitions and 5 Different blade effects pre-downloaded. The Proffie Neopixel also has the ability to customize sound fonts and Ignitions via SD Card. Detailed instructions how to Mod the colors, ignition and sound fonts are not included, but detailed how-to videos can be found on YouTube. Basic technical skills recommended for modding.

This saber is gesture control-able which means this saber can be turned on and off without pressing a button! (the gesture control is designed so that it won't accidentally turn on or off when spinning the saber).

Full dueling with Proffie Neopixel is not recommend as you can damage the LEDs inside the blade when dueling hard, but light dueling can be done with a Proffie Neopixel. Damaged Proffie Neopixel blades are not covered under warranty, but can be replaced if damaged.